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Research shows us that prescription drug use is at its highest levels during the holidays each year. Many pharmaceutical companies have their best sales during the last two months of each year. Ask one of your local pharmacies and you will discover that this is in fact their busiest time of year. Sad in my opinion but true.

But why? Stress… and from many different places. This time of year brings up feelings of loss from memories of loved ones no longer with us. Also consider the stress often involved with preparing for the holidays, parties, shopping, unhealthy food intake, excessive alcohol, family members, travel, house guest .. etc. The point of people taking more medications is to “treat” symptoms. Of course, medications do this by introducing chemicals into your body to change your physiology and can alter how you are feeling but are you healing? Are we treating or just masking?

The amazing thing we would like for you to consider is that your body is designed, and well-equipped, to make every drug known to man, and many that are not yet known. In fact the strongest pharmacy known to man was given to you on day one. So if its not working then the goal should be to figure out, why? These are the same ones that the drug companies attempt to copy and manufacture.  BUT only if it is working properly.

Of course, this amazing inborn ability to heal is inside all of us. We call it your “innate intelligence”.. The doctor inside of us is the best doctor in the world. All of the signals and messages needed for your body to manufacture its own prescriptions are sent throughout your body via your central nervous system. When your nervous system is healthy, your body begins manufacturing all of the medications that it needs on its own, in just the perfect dosage and potency.

I encourage you this year to get adjusted a few extra times especially during stressful times  to help your body make its own anti-depressant and pain relievers from the inside out!

- Curis Functional Health
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