Active Rehab

active rehab at Family First Chiropractic in Dripping Springs.Active Rehab exercise is used to improve health, maintain fitness, and relieve pain and tightness while improving overall strength and mobility. With regular effort, rehab helps patients restore the correct use of muscles, bones and the nervous system. These therapeutic exercises are prepared for each individual with their personal needs considered. This develops better alignment and so enables the body to hold one’s chiropractic adjustments better and longer. The goal of Active Rehab is to make daily tasks and activities easier and pain free.

Active Rehab, when done on a regular schedule, may also help with chronic or ongoing health conditions. An educational program can be created to build endurance with daily activities.
Over 20% of our patients are children. We find that rehab works great with all children who have injuries or health conditions. We address the usual issues of range of motion, strength, endurance, and mobility, along with considering the child’s special growth and developmental needs.

What Does an Active Rehab Specialist Do?

Our rehab specialist will assess your condition and talk to you about your symptoms and your daily activity. We will work with you one on one, showing you the correct way to do exercise and offer health advice for a speedy recovery. Our goal is to help you move your joints better and to restore or increase coordination and balance. First we will try to reduce your pain and any swelling, with ice and heat techniques. Then we begin working with the protocol for your condition which may target a specific part of the body. Treatments may cause mild soreness at first as we are inviting our bodies and soft tissue to realign. Our rehab specialist will be with you throughout your session in rehab, checking that you are doing everything correctly and most importantly, safely! Contact us for a consultation.
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