We proudly offer the DNA Based Weight Loss program from Active Metabolics.

As a result of the overwhelmingly positive results we achieve through our program, it is not uncommon for us to hear questions like …
“What the heck is this program all about?”
“What are they doing to achieve such great results?”
“What is this Activate Metabolics Program really all about?”

The easiest way for us to summarize our program is to break it down into what we call the 4 S’s. Here’s a brief summary of those.

1. Science – We use Testing and Technology right from Day 1 with our computerized BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS which enables us to better understand our clients’ body. What really makes up their current weight? In other words, let’s measure actual fat, muscle, water and bone weight. We want to be informed as they lose weight! How much fat could they safely and sensibly shed? What about muscle? Some people have more muscle mass and that makes the scale read heavier than a peer with less muscle mass but who may be the same height and generalize size as the client (side note this frustrates a lot of people if they don’t know this!) We also use GENETIC TESTING. That’s right … we check our patients’ DNA! Just like we’re all different on the outside, we’re all very unique inside too! People differ in the way they process and assimilate different nutrients, how they store or absorb them and more. Until you know this, you are probably just guessing at the ratios of proteins, fats and carbs you need. This genetic report serves as our long-term success manual for our clients.

2. Strategic Eating – What do we mean by this? It’s simple: this is NOT a “diet”! We tend to avoid that 4-letter word which conjures up ill-feelings for most of our clients. Rather, we want to see more of a lifestyle shift – to help clients think differently about their body, understand it better and engage in their unique DNA based eating plan. Don’t get us wrong though… the Activate  Metabolics program is highly strategic right from the start to get the body to wake up and get into a “fat burning metabolism”. When folks commit to our initial jump start phase the results are typically significant, quick, and exciting. But we must always shift gears, hit cruise control and settle into that lifestyle development to reach and maintain our goal weight. We want clients thinking long-term! And that takes strategy and as we move through the necessary

3. Supplementation– Most people’s bodies and habit patterns benefit from assistance in the initial phase of a strategic eating plan – especially if they really want to get a good, effective jump start. While this is critical early on, this piece of the puzzle is one we like to emphasize should be short term in the Activate program. We do not want anybody dependent on any product. But we want to assure they get through those early challenging times by including things that can naturally assist with hunger, cravings, blood sugar control and that lethargic “yuck” feeling most feel when they attempt to make significant changes. Importantly, we use proven formulas with natural ingredients. There are NO drugs, NO shots, and NO hormones. Oh, and clients will never have to buy a special brand of shakes, bars, or boxed food in this program!

4. Support – Many people we meet with will come right out and admit their biggest challenges or frustrations. They say things like, “I really need help” … “I feel overwhelmed” … “Someone needs to hold me accountable” …“My health conditions concern me or prevent me from losing weight”. These and similar phrases are common and shared with us almost daily. So, if clients are feeling the same way, we want them to know THEY ARE NOT ALONE! That need for direction, oversight, accountability, and personalized, sensitive support is very common. It just is what it is! That’s why the Activate Metabolics Program is structured to fill this need. Oversight and close accountability provided by a trained Activate Weight Loss Coach is indeed a key piece of the puzzle. This entails daily communication in the beginning, most challenging phase! Some programs have you check in one day then you’re completely on your own. Clients may have even been told not to check their weight for a couple weeks until they are seen again. As a result, people have no idea what’s happening with their body. They may go days with questions and needs not being addressed. So, we actually insist that clients share their weight and how they feel, what they may be struggling with (there are usually solutions if addressed right away), questions they may have and more. “Weigh daily. Report daily” is our motto for the first phase. Using our custom Activate APP makes this simple and effective. That close communication coupled with in person (or virtual) visits carries on for the duration of their program. This model creates teamwork. A client should never feel alone in the Activate program!

So, there you have it. The “4S” pieces of the Activate Metabolics Program – the combined ingredients that are helping thousands of people reach and maintain a healthy weight. Our goal is very simple: to take massive action towards the over-weight and obesity epidemic that is leading to metabolic syndrome and more illness and disease in our country than any time in history.

FACT 1: OBESITY exits in epidemic proportions in America. (42.4% according to CDC website). (1)

FACT 2: Nearly 3 out of 4 Americans are clinically OVERWEIGHT.

FACT 3: There are 52+ Co-morbidities associated with obesity. (2)

FACT 4: The vast majority of health providers deliver NO effective solution for these conditions.

FACT 5: As a result, patients suffer physically and emotionally while providers miss revenue potential.

FACT 6: Curis Functional Health DOES provide a PROVEN, science-based solution!

FACT 7: This solution (Activate Metabolics) will help countless numbers of our Curis patients … AND

contribute to us all making a stronger and more spectacular exit!


Here are some basic FACTS about Activate …


  1. Featuring GENETIC TESTING – provides individual weight loss & wellness plans for your patients.
  2. Provides BOTH ideal eating program + ideal fitness approach based on their unique DNA.
  3. Enables weight loss clients to ACCELERATE & MAXIMIZE their weight loss and …
  4. SUSTAIN it through a lifetime plan – instead of just another short-term “fad” diet.



  1. Dozens of clinics have already served 10’s of THOUSANDS of patients to date.
  2. Stats, measures, and results of over 1,000 of those users were assembled and show very beneficial clinical results.
  3. A multitude of success stories & changed lives can be viewed on providers websites and FB pages.



  1. The program was doctor designed & developed to be overseen primarily by trained coaches.
  2. We provide all the TRAINING & SUPPORT plus operational systems and resources the Activate Weight Loss Coach needs to effectively assist your patients. You can feel confident in our team!
  3. The Activate APP specific to our program assists with patient engagement, tracking & support.
  4. All systems/protocols are provided so the program can be delivered REMOTELY if/when needed.
  5. Program LENGTH varies from 40 Days to 12 months based on objective measures from computerized body composition (BCA).
  6. Most traditional insurance deems such programs “elective” and does not cover. Most patients pay out of pocket, use HSA/FSA or some form of patient financing.


  1. https://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/adult.html
  2. (A) Bays HE, Seger JC, Primack C, et al. Obesity algorithm 2016-2017. Presented by the Obesity Medicine Association.

        https://obesitymedicine.org/obesity-algorithm. Accessed June 9, 2018.

(B) Garvey WT, Mechanick Jl, Einhorn D. The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and the American College of

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