How Has Chiropractic Helped You?

We both have experienced chronic pain. Trying chiropractic years ago made us realize it was effective, but a life-long process. Since we are both active and enjoy travelling, we made the decision to set an ongoing program to keep us moving and out of pain.

We highly recommend chiropractic care at anyone, especially those in pain. Pain determines your attitude in life, so why not choose to live natural and pain-free as you can?

Emily – January 2020

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Here is what our patients have to say:

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https://cdn.reviewwave.com/files/1113/VFb4GOMZob9lViXtJhfDJUNpoeeJsgm5.jpgCuris Functional Health5128589355
800 HWY 290 West Bldg FDripping springs TX78620US
https://cdn.reviewwave.com/files/1113/VFb4GOMZob9lViXtJhfDJUNpoeeJsgm5.jpgCuris Functional Health5128589355
5 out of 5 stars
Great place to go if you’re having any issues.
800 HWY 290 West Bldg FDripping springs TX78620US
https://cdn.reviewwave.com/files/1113/VFb4GOMZob9lViXtJhfDJUNpoeeJsgm5.jpgCuris Functional Health5128589355
5 out of 5 stars
I had a massage today for my neck. It was awesome and by the time it was over, I could have just fallen asleep on the table!
800 HWY 290 West Bldg FDripping springs TX78620US
https://cdn.reviewwave.com/files/1113/VFb4GOMZob9lViXtJhfDJUNpoeeJsgm5.jpgCuris Functional Health5128589355
5 out of 5 stars
Everyone was professional and painless. What more can I say????

More Testimonials

Before seeking chiropractic care, I had aches and pains that were constantly nagging at me and distracting me from my daily activities.  Chiropractic care at Family First has improved my knowledge, understanding, and perception of the root cause of some of those aches and pains and helped me to get on the right path to relieving them.  I am feeling great and loving the overall improvement in my day to day health and the energy that it had brought back to me.  Seeing how my habits and my posture play into my health, I have been able to make some small adjustments that have had a big impact.  I would recommend chiropractic care as a great way to get back on track and feeling great.



I always have a great experience every time I go in for an adjustment since I have become pregnant!…
–Katie Poe


The best! Was having pain and they were able to get me in and treated that same day! So friendly and accommodating! And the massage therapist is GREAT! Highly recommend!
–Brooke Durkee


Feeling unsatisfied with other therapies, I decided to try Family First Chiropractic. After several treatments I started feeling better mentally and physically. I’m so glad I found Family First Chiropractic. They are such a caring group. I would recommend them to anyone.
–Pauline F. 07/09/2019



You guys helped me…and I thank you.  Please forward to Josh, Billy, Nick, Amanda, Shannon, Monya and the rest of the team. I truly cherish them.
As a very busy business owner, I am no nonsense when it comes to hiring professionals. Return on investment (ROI) is key, and I must say I’ve gotten that and then some. I’ve been going for several months for an adjustment, PT and medical massage combined. As a result, I am using little migraine medicine when for years I eagerly awaited my next refill each month. No more. I actually have extra meds now. I also have no neuropathy around my middle back. Extremely painful prior to Family First Chiropractic. I feel lighter, more optimistic. I am losing weight. Life changing. I have a sobering respect for the power of the spine now. It deserves our care. I really appreciate the teaching and coaching from the staff. They encourage me to do things on my own and to learn. They are passionate about their clients which is refreshing frankly. The Family First Chiropractic team is quite impressive…and I am forever grateful for the profound changes in my life.
Best wishes,


“I’m so grateful for my assessment after my husband sought care (and has improved so much!) I’d been praying for a while to be completely healed from the inside-out without having any more visits to doctors who had helped me try to solve high blood pressure, heart attacks, broken back, and stroke problems. My prayers have been answered beyond expectations. I’ve not only become pain free, but the tiny black spots that became a part of my vision after the stroke (as I read or merely enjoyed the view) have disappeared, along with panic attacks. Pain I had for years is relieved, and I have renewed hope and faith that I’ll remain pain free, energetic, and strong. I’m so thankful for this wonderful team with their unique skills and caring—they constantly amaze me. I encourage all to seek this natural care this group provides.”

–Cindy L.


“I originally visited Family First Chiropractic for an aching back. Dr. Tracy and his staff quickly identified a problem that I’ve had for over 10 years. I have poor posture with little to no curve in my neck. The staff developed a treatment plan for my back as well as my neck. The plan involved exercises and adjustments. My back feels great and my posture is much improved. The chiropractic care I have received was excellent and I would recommend Family First Chiropractic to everyone. The personalized care, friendly office staff, and knowledgeable doctors make for an enjoyable visit every time. Thank you.”

–Eddie D


“I was a ‘hard sell’…

I will admit that I was a “hard sell” and have actively avoided Chiropractors – mainly due to some bad advice from a football coach years ago. Tolerating pain(with the help of anti-inflammatory pills) had become part of my life just like paying taxes. Not fun but, well you know…

Then four months ago, I walked into a booth and sat in a massage chair at an event in Dripping Springs for a free 10 minute massage by a talented massage therapist of Family First. I was extremely impressed to say the least. I accepted an offer at that booth to go in to the “shop” the following week for x-rays and an analysis. The knowledge, professionalism, friendliness, and overall demeanor of the Doctors and staff gave me the confidence to give it a try.

It has absolutely worked for me. The treatments are careful and gradual and I felt comfortable being there right away. I haven’t needed to take a pill for pain since the second week of treatment. I am not the type to write testimonials; but I am so thankful that I stumbled into this place that I thought I would share in hopes that others may have a similar experience. Unlike taxes, we really don’t have to tolerate being unhealthy.”

–Fred B.


“I am forever grateful!

The summer of 2013 was extremely stressful for me. I had just moved to Austin along with the stress of looking for a new job.

I had taught computers for 18 years and that combined with a car accident and a horseback riding accident and all my stress put my body in extreme pain.

I was getting spasms in my lower back and had minimal range of motion in my neck and left arm.

After an aggressive chiropractic regimen set up by Drs at Family First Chiropractic and several months of care, my pain and the abnormal curve in my spine have virtually disappeared!”

–Kathleen D


“I had never been to a chiropractor because I didn’t want to get “hooked” on going every week. And let’s be honest, the idea of someone cracking my back with the force of their own body weight in some kind of “bear hug” did not get me too excited either. However, after a flag football injury to my neck at 48 years old convinced me that I was not as young as I had thought, I realized that I needed help. I finally called Family First Chiropractic and they got me in right away. The office team was not only friendly, but knowledgeable, and carefully led me through understanding what they were going to do during their initial evaluation. Dr. Chae showed me around the entire facility and I could tell immediately that their name is meaningful to them. From the casual and welcoming atmosphere, to the kids play area, to the gentle wandering Chocolate Lab, they are family friendly.

I started a journey to wellness with chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy and physical therapy. Along the way, I learned about my body, how I handle stress, helpful exercises, and I even took some supplements that really made a difference. The whole experience has been amazing. I feel better, I work and play better, and I think I might even look better. Family First is great group of people who not only treat you to a wonderful experience, they treat you like family. I highly recommend them to you.”

— Ross P.


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