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We tell are kids this so why do we not follow suite? In the US in 2008, 14,800 people died from prescription drug overdoses which are more than the combined total for drug overdose deaths due to heroin and cocaine according to the CDC. The death rate from prescription drug overdose has tripled since 1990, with 75 percent of the deaths attributed to painkiller misuse. A survey by the CDC reported that 12 million people use painkillers to get high and not for medicinal purposes.

In spite of this high rate of death from prescription drug use, 75 percent of all medical visits will include drug therapy, with 48.5 percent of all patients using one prescription drug in the past month, 21.7 percent using three or more drugs, and 10.6 percent of patients using five or more prescription drugs. Seacoast online reports that some people sell their prescriptions and will visit several different doctors to obtain more prescription drugs. Opiates like oxycodone, codeine, and methadone are the most abused but benzodiazepines like Xanax, Valium, and other central nervous system depressants, and central nervous system stimulants like Adderall and

Ritalin is also highly misused. The misuse of prescription drugs can be attributed to the difficulty of measuring pain and monitoring the use of prescription drugs for chronic conditions. “Pain is very subjective,”

said Sergio Zullich, registered pharmacists. “The patient tells the doctor there is pain and they will prescribe a small amount. Some people will take a few doses until their pain subsides. Others will go back for more, reporting there is still pain or the medication is not adequately addressing their pain.”

Your body was designed with the strongest pharmacy know to man. So the question is why is it not working? It’s an inside job, not outside in, in other words your body is not working properly. Why? Just because it’s not working doesn’t mean we need to add something to it like a Rx. If your CNS, Brain and Spinal Cord are not connected properly, subluxated, then the body cant function properly, meaning your internal pharmacy can’t and won’t work. We at FFC find and treat the cause of the problem as opposed to treating just the symptoms much like putting a band aide on the problem.

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