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It is great to be here with you ! I want to take just a moment to talk about posture because it plays such a key role in your health, and quite frankly only your mother or your Chiropractor really talks about it.

What effects your poise, projection of confidence, and can make you instantly look 10 pounds lighter? Your posture! In fact, posture is a fantastic window into your spine.

Improve Your Posture

A forward head posture most always means that a person has lost the curve in their neck that protects the signals being sent through your spinal cord-think of the hunched over people in a nursing home.

A high shoulder, or hip, can mean that C1, the atlas, is out of position. Those postural changes can also mean that a person has pelvic unleveling, a scoliosis, or muscular imbalances.

A rotated pelvis can affect the nerves to your legs (think sciatica,) your bowels, bladder, or prostate gland in men.

Our posture and muscle tone changes day to day depending on things like stress, sitting or standing for long periods of time, and driving position.

Next time you are around a bunch of people, start seeing if you can pick out the high shoulder, hips, and forward head postures (turtle necks as we call them.)

This is of course why we take postural X-Rays both before, and after your initial phase of Chiropractic care – so we have an exact map of where and how to best adjust you!

- Curis Functional Health
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