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What Causes Subluxation?

You guys have heard us talk about stress being the number one cause of  subluxation (misalignments), a big factor affecting the way our entire nervous system functions! We refer to these in chiropractic as the 3 T’s….

#1: Trauma

Trauma is the most obvious cause of subluxation and relates to physical stressors. This refers to any physical injury that might cause misalignment of your vertebrae. There are many different physical injuries and traumas capable of impacting the spine, including Childbirth, Sports injuries, Car accidents, or falls.

In our office, we utilize incredible and safe imaging that can show us where your subluxation patterns are located and how your body has compensated and adapted to traumas from the past.

#2: Toxins

Our society now, more than ever, is demanding information about the toxins we are exposed to each day. This includes the way these dangerous toxins come into contact with your body as well as the impact they have on your overall health. Any kind of toxins such as a cleaning agent, processed food, or air pollution, can cause imbalances in your body and stress to your nervous system. This in turn causes subluxation and muscle contraction in your spine. And as you age, your body is less able to adapt and overcome these toxic insults.

If you have had no physical trauma, but are having back issues, headaches, muscle weakness, or any other symptoms that could be related to subluxation, you might need to start looking at the toxins going into your body and where they are coming from. Sometimes changing the cleaning agents you use at home, watching the ingredients of your beauty products, or making a change to your diet, coupled with regular chiropractic adjustments, can go a long way in fixing the alignment of your spine, de-stressing your nervous system, and relieving your pain.

#3: Thoughts

While it might not be the most obvious cause of subluxation in the spine, it is likely the number one cause for most people. Stress from your job, a fight with your significant other, worry about your kids, or even just watching the news can cause the muscles to tighten and your body to go into a more sympathetic (fight or flight) state when you start feeling the stress and anxiety of everyday life.

Working on our thoughts can help you hold your alignment longer and calm your body overall. Incorporating meditation, exercise, and journaling have been shown to relax the brain and body.

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