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Like Optimus Prime, we are passionate about helping our community transform their lives and achieve health and wellness! With that, we have a simple purpose in our offices. Our purpose is to help you reach your highest possible level of optimal health!

Something occurred to us recently that people do not understand what we mean by optimal health. Maybe you have heard this term before, but have you ever internalized what it means? To us, optimal health is waking up in the morning full of energy and fully rested, excited to be alive. No gasping at the alarm clock, no snooze buttons.

Optimal health is not belching and farting after eating a meal.

Optimal health is the ability to exercise and push yourself to your limits and not feel exhausted but exhilarated.

Optimal health means there is no need for medications in your body, including over-the-counter ones. Your body is and has the strongest pharmacy know to man..

Optimal health means when you have pain it is temporary. Pain is a brilliant feedback mechanism we are blessed with. Pain is our body’s way of making us change our lifestyle or habits, so when there is pain, we adapt and function better.

Optimal health means having great flexibility and a fantastic range of motion.

Optimal health means you have more energy than you started with at the end of your day.

Optimal health means you have great posture.

Optimal health means you have perfect nerve supply and power to every cell, muscle, and tissue in your body.

Do any of these things come easily? Of course not! If they did, everyone would have optimal health. It takes work to be healthy, just like keeping your car running properly or keeping your yard pristine. Our vision for your health, our goal for you, is radiant vitality! I know it is possible. We live it and see it flourish with our practice members every day.

- Curis Functional Health
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