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Ever heard the saying “motion is lotion” for the body??? It’s not just a catchy phrase—it’s the mantra of chiropractors and physical therapists worldwide!!!

Why? Keeping active is a major way to give your body the TLC it craves and thrives on.. Think of it this way… When you sit in one spot for too long, your body lets you know, right? Right. It wastes no time telling your brain it’s time to move!!!!

Movement is medicine for the body… Just like you wouldn’t skip your morning TLC with a cup of coffee, don’t skip that daily dose of movement for your body!!! (And don’t let aches and pains hold you back when you’ve got us!)
Your body is incredibly intelligent, and movement is its own all-natural way to prevent pain…Ever heard the sang “if you don’t move it you will lose it??” So, what’s your next move going to be??? Literally, any movement helps! Stand, stretch, run, dance, kickbox—whatever gets you active…

Find your groove and stick to it… Using a lumbar support, trying a standing desk, or just shaking it out—it all counts…PRO tip, drink lots of water.. then you have to get up and GOOO.. And, remember, if any nagging aches and pains are keeping you on the sideline, you know who to call!!! No, not ghostbusters.. Call your friends at Curis…
Until next time, stay healthy my friends..

- Curis Functional Health
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