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Health does not come from a bottle!  It’s an inside job

Do you truly believe that taking a weight loss pill is the healthy way to lose weight and achieve health? Companies advertise that as long as you take their magic pill you can still eat whatever you want and continue with your unhealthy lifestyle that got you into the situation you are in, in the first place.  You may look healthier. But are you?

One scenario: We have a male who is 60 pounds’ overweight and starts taking meds because his cholesterol and blood pressure are high. In conjunction he starts a fad diet program consisting of weight loss pills, prepackaged bars, boxed meals etc.  He loses 40 pounds in 3 months and his cholesterol and blood pressure on paper are better. Yet he did not change his lifestyle and continued to eat junk, not get adjusted and not exercise.  Was this a long term change? What happens when he quits taking the pills and doesn’t have the prepackaged bars and meals?  Odds are he will go straight back to his old habits and put the weight back on just as fast as he lost it because no one addressed the root cause of the problem.  His inability to make good healthy life promoting choices for himself.

The healthy choice

In another scenario we take the same guy but he decides to make long term lifestyle changes. He starts exercising five days a week and cleans up his diet.  He eats whole foods consisting of raw fruits and veggies and cuts out fast food, boxed foods and carbs.  He educates himself on healthy portions, good fats, bad fats and how getting adjusted and allowing your body to rest and digest properly is the key to staying healthy. Three months later he lost over 40lbs and is educated on how and what to eat, how often he needs to work out and get adjusted thus he can sustain his weight loss and lifestyle change. Who do you think is healthier?

Staying healthy

You see getting and staying healthy is an inside job. You can’t put junk in your body and not expect to get junk out.  You must have a properly aligned spine which allows your body and all its systems to function at 100%. Once you understand how the body works, how to take care of it and how to maintain this lifestyle, then you have the true key to health.

The doctor’s at FamilyFirst Chiropractic Wellness are in Dripping Springs and South Austin to help you develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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