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Health does not come from a bottle! Not a vitamin bottle or a nutrition bottle. Health comes from with in you. Do you truly believe that taking a weight loss pill or bar and you can still eat and do whatever you want is good for you? You may lo healthier. But are you actually healthier? Have you changed your lifestyle? You can take a cholesterol medication and it will lower your cholesterol but if you continue to eat the same way and live the same sedentary lifestyle you are not doing yourself a favor. Odds are against you that you will still die of heart disease, cancer or diabetes. Your numbers from blood work do not determine the health of your body.

Lets look at two scenarios. We have a male who is 60 pounds over weight and starts taking cholesterol medication because his cholesterol is high and starts taking a diet program of pills and pre packaged bars, meals etc. He loses 40 pounds in three months and his cholesterol on paper is back to normal. Yet he did not change his lifestyle and continued to eat fast food and not exercise. Was this a long term lifestyle change? What happens when he revert back to his old habits and lifestyle? No more bars or pre packaged meals?

Now we have a male also needing to lose 60 pounds but he would rather make long term lifestyle changes. So he starts exercising five days a week and cleans up his diet. He eats more whole foods consisting of raw fruits and veggies and cuts out fast food ,refind foods and carbs and became educated as to portions, good fats and bad fats. Three months later he has lost 43 pounds. He is now educated on how and what to eat, how often he needs to work out thus he can sustain his weight loss and lifestyle change. Who do you think is healthier?

- Curis Functional Health
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