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As a very busy business owner, I am no nonsense when it comes to hiring professionals. Return

on investment (ROI) is key, and I must say I’ve gotten that and then some. I’ve been going for

several months for an adjustment, PT and medical massage combined. As a result, I am using

little migraine medicine when for years I eagerly awaited my next refill each month. No more. I

actually have extra meds now. I also have no neuropathy around my middle back. Extremely

painful prior to Family First Chiropractic. I feel lighter, more optimistic. I am losing weight. Life

changing. I have a sobering respect for the power of the spine now. It deserves our care. I really

appreciate the teaching and coaching from the staff. They encourage me to do things on my own

and to learn. They are passionate about their clients which is refreshing frankly. The Family First

Chiropractic team is quite impressive…and I am forever grateful for the profound changes in my



Thank you,

Victoria W.

- Curis Functional Health
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