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Pregnancy is a wondrous time in a woman’s life. However, it is also frequently marked by dramatic changes in a mother-to-be’s posture and spinal function. Your doctors at Family First Chiropractic care for expectant mother with a unique approach, aimed at keeping them in optimal wellness, so that they may be well-rested and full of energy when their bundle of joy arrives.

Shorter Labors: Chiropractic may lessen labor pain by shortening the duration of labor. According to a study presented at the World Chiropractic Congress, first time mothers who receive chiropractic care average 24 percent shorter labor times than women who are not under chiropractic care.

Pregnancy and Back Pain: Backache is rampant among expectant mothers. Fortunately, there is a powerful and safe solution to pregnancy related backache: chiropractic care. Simply the fact that pregnancy related back pain is so common should motivate every expectant mother to focus on prevention. However, some women are at more of a risk, for example: younger women tend to suffer form pregnancy related back ache more than older women.

Postural Changes: As the baby grows, mom’s center of gravity shifts forward. This results in an exaggerated lower back curve. This postural alteration triggers a chain effect, which disturbs the normal curves throughout the spine.

The Chiropractic Solution: Chiropractors work to correct the two main causes of pregnancy related back ache: SI joint dysfunction and vertebral subluxation. Also Chiropractic offers a drug-free approach to pain reduction. Since avoiding unnecessary medication is essential to preventing birth defects, chiropractic provides relief without the worry that come from taking medication. Here is another reason to give chiropractic a try: Scientific studies prove it works.

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