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Why is chiropractic different than other healing arts? The one concept that distinguishes a chiropractor from most any other sort of Doctor is the concept of Innate Intelligence.

Acknowledgment of “Innate” is in fact our uniqueness  as a profession. It is what distinguishes the chiropractor, and provides the lens through which we look to influence health and adaptation within your body.

I tread cautiously here because chiropractors have over the last century scared  people off, or are labeled as having weird cult like religious beliefs, because of this topic. I am leaning in here and purposefully not shying away from this topic because this concept helps explain so clearly why medication is a horrible long term solution for your health.

The idea is simple; Most of what our body’s do each second to function is not controlled by our conscious mind.  You cannot change your cholesterol levels, or white blood cell count, simply because you think about it.  You cannot control the rate at which you digest food, or how fast your hair grows either. Your body controls these and millions of other functions each day.

This chiropractic concept of innate intelligence helps explain, acknowledge, and give context to how amazing our body’s are!

So then, what controls the health and function in your body? How does this life force, or innate intelligence, function and communicate with the 75 trillion cells or so inside of you?

That my friends is the genius of the Chiropractic . Your CNS regulates your entire body. It is the mainframe computer that runs and operates all of the different systems that make up the human body.

For 121 years now Chiropractors have been influencing the brain and spinal cord with specific adjustments to the spine that influences the brain. Any change in the level of function within your brain from a chiropractic adjustment has an impact on the innate intelligence inside of you. That in turn helps you better adapt to stress, heal, and repair at a higher level.

This is why chiropractic and its focus on the innate intelligence coordinated by your brain is true wellness oriented health care, not sick care or symptom care.


- Curis Functional Health
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