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Are you Aware,that..

Your leg pain may be the result of a condition called radiculopathy. This occurs when a nerve in the spine is compressed or pinched. It can lead to pain and other symptoms that radiate to other parts of the body… like your leg!

The most common cause of this condition is a herniated disc in the spine. A herniated disc in your spine can put pressure on surrounding  nerves. You might experience symptoms such as numbness, tingling, or even weakness.

The good news? Invasive procedures are not your only option. Chiropractic care and or spinal decompression can help you manage radiculopathy without risky medications or surgeries.

Why It Matters

Consulting with a movement-based healthcare professional who knows what to look for when it comes to back pain matters. It’s estimated that just 3% to 5% of people with low back pain will have symptoms caused by radiculopathy.

Next Steps

You don’t have to suffer with leg pain alone! And you don’t have to resort to drugs and invasive treatments. You also don’t have to take weeks off from work or except that lie that this is normal.

We’re always here to help you identify the root cause of your low back pain. We’re always here to answer your questions face to face. We’re always here to provide the all-natural, non-invasive treatments that make sense for you and create a long term solution, not a quick fix or band aid.

Make your health a priority today or be forced to make it one later.  Pain is your bodies way of saying help, question is do you want to address the cause or cover up the symptom, pain?

- Curis Functional Health
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