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It’s what everyone wants but they really don’t know what it actually is and how to get it. What is this Wellness “thing” really? The fact that the public has been carefully taught that Drugs = Health. And this line of thought has been supported wholeheartedly by the medical associations of both Canada and the United States to the point where free and clear thinking by certain physicians has been thought of as heresy to the general “party line” .

And the public thinks that since these remedies are “natural”, they must be good for them. This is absolutely insane thinking. The basic idea, you see, is still the same. We are searching for a natural cure for our symptoms rather than dealing with the fact that they are present in the first place. As a population, we need to stop thinking in terms of treating illness and start thinking in terms of creating Health &Wellness.

Health(not just the absence of symptoms) is something that we create from the inside. From our own body. It is not something we can achieve from taking a pill, an herb, or having the latest and newest surgical procedure. If we want to achieve health for ourselves and our children, our goal needs to be: Make certain that our body is functioning the way it was meant to, with nothing interfering with that process.

Many people feel that as long as they take some sort of a potion or natural remedy that stops their nose running, they are healthy. They believe that if gulping down laxatives keeps them regular, they are improving their health.

Many people don’t realize that health is more than just the period between illnesses. It is also not the absence of symptoms. In other words, just because you feel OK, doesn’t mean you are healthy. It just means you feel OK and have no symptoms.It does not imply your body is working any better. Health is judged, for example, by how your body is able to adapt to its own internal and external environment. If your body is exposed to some kind of germ or virus, for instance, and if it is working normally, it should be able to neutralize that bug, without you even being aware that this is taking place. This is called health.

If your body cannot adapt you may begin to get sick. The most amazing thing is that when your body is no longer able to handle such a situation, it will actually “talk” to you in a language you can easily understand and listen to your symptoms. You see, to me health is like a candle that is lit when you are born and burns brightly throughout life. At the end, it flickers once, goes out, and that is it. And you’ve lived a life of your dreams.

- Curis Functional Health
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