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Turning the power on at a early age!  Our entire team of Doctors spend lots of hours studying and training to become specialized as Pediatric Chiropractors. The reason why we decided to invest so much time and energy becoming experts in helping children is because, quite frankly, we are heart broken at how many children are suffering today here in Central Texas…and I am not talking about kids born into less fortunate situations or low income families either.  I am talking about the majority of our typical, middle class kids. We can’t use peanut butter on our children’s sandwiches any more because so many children have peanut allergies….um…..was that common when you were a child? It was not for me.  So, what is happening?

Many parents today think it is normal for their children to have several trips to the pediatrician each year for chronic colds, viruses, runny noses, ear infections, allergies, eczema, reflux and digestive problems.  This is not normal friends, it is common today, but most certainly not normal.  Sick kids have become so common that most folks think it is just how it goes if you are raising children today.  Did you know the average child today has had three rounds of antibiotics by age 1!

Please, if you have never had a child that you care deeply for checked, consider doing so!  Stress patterns from the birth process, several rounds of antibiotics, poor quality fast food, etc., can and will significantly affect that child’s ability to heal and adapt properly.  We can easily scan the child’s central nervous system with the technology and digital x-rays that we use at our office. It is a fast, and painless test.  What if your child has the ability to express just 10% more of their innate potential – how valuable is that!? If you know a child with chronic health problems, this check up is even more critical.  I assure you nothing gives me more satisfaction as a parent than helping create an environment for my kids that will enable them to fulfill their full potential.  That begins with the health of their developing mind and body.

- Curis Functional Health
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