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Summer is finally here. And however you spend this season, whether tending to household projects or hitting homeruns at neighborhood softball games, HealthSource™ chiropractors have some winning strategies to keep back pain from spoiling warm weather fun.

After long winter months of reduced activity, most of us can’t wait to spend time outdoors. For some, it’s a chance to return to the yard and garden. For others, summertime sports are the lure. Yet for many others, back pain puts a damper on summer fun. In fact, an astounding 60 percent to 85 percent of the population will suffer from low-back pain (LBP) at some point, with approximately 10 percent of those cases becoming chronic. There are many risk factors for LBP, from genetic predisposition to environmental influence. But back pain doesn’t have to ruin your summer plans. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a gardening guru, HealthSource™ chiropractors have scanned the latest research to uncover the following unbeatable tips for thwarting back pain this summer.

Optimal posture is perhaps the most important factor for avoiding back injuries. Studies show that correct posture has a direct effect on preventing many types of back pain. HealthSource™ chiropractors analyze posture by examining stance and the alignment of the knees, hips, shoulders and pelvis. One condition chiropractors look for is vertebral subluxation, or misalignment of the spinal bones (vertebrae). This irregularity generates back pain because it alters nervous system function and irritates spinal musculature. Consider making an appointment today for a full chiropractic posture evaluation so you can enjoy summer activities, free from back pain and other types of aches and strains.

Learning about good posture is a fine first step, but it’s easy to revert to old habits without noticing. Adopting new posture awareness occurs over a period of weeks and months and takes a lot of practice. Establishing new patterns is essential, but nothing takes the place of regular chiropractic checkups. Chiropractic is uniquely positioned to help patients prevent back pain because care is centered on spinal health. Chiropractic also folds in the best of traditional health care and integrative medicine. A chiropractor is trained to identify the underlying physical sources of back pain and nervous system disruption. And care is customized for each patient. Consistent chiropractic visits help patients stay healthy and pain-free all summer, and all year long.

Physical exercise is key to preventing all types of back pain. This hold true even for people who have previously endured episodes of spinal injury or discomfort, because regular exercise is known to prevent relapses. Most types of commonly performed exercise are adequate for maintaining back strength and improving conditioning. But a 2008 study from Germany tested exercise programs that involve movements opposite to the positions the spine is in most often. The study found that these “countering” exercises are especially effective at preventing pain and overuse injuries. This same research team proved that inactivity causes back muscles to atrophy, or weaken – so staying active is crucial. Especially important for developing a strong back is “core” stability. The core area includes muscle groups, such as the abdominals and the back-supporting paraspinals, that hold the spine erect.


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