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Summer is finally is here! After long winter months of reduced activity, most of us can’t wait to spend time outdoors. Here’s some tips to keep you active, pain-free, and healthy.

Come On In. The Water’s Fine!

A study found that low back pain was reduced with swimming. It causes no impact to the spine, while it is still an excellent conditioning exercise. Paddling sports also build strong backs and help increase endurance levels.

For Golfers Only!

Golfers are prone to back injuries because of the stress placed on the spine during the club swing. It’s important for golfers to strengthen core muscles such as your abdominal muscles and multifidi that run along your spine. Reinforcement in this area increases flexibility and provides preventative benefits.

Regular Chiropractic Checkups

One condition that chiropractors look for is vertebral subluxation, or misalignment of the spinal bones. This irregularity generates back pain because it alters nervous system function and irritates spinal musculature. Chiropractors are trained to identify the underlying physical sources of back pain and nervous system disruption, and care is customized for each patient. Optimal posture is also an important factor for avoiding back injuries. Adopting new posture awareness takes practice, but establishing new patterns is essential for optimal health. Consistent chiropractic visits help patients stay healthy and pain free all summer, and all year long.

By all means, get out and enjoy summer, whether it’s playing sports and swimming at the beach, or cutting grass and pulling weeds. Taking just a few simple precautions can help keep back pain at bay all summer long. Check with us today for more information.

- Curis Functional Health
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