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Did You Know…

Making movement a priority is the best way to keep your spinal discs healthy, your lymph moving and your energy levels UP. Those 23 tiny but mighty shock absorbers in your spine literally absorb the forces of gravity, your posture, and your day to day activities. They need a break! For my mountain bike friends, its like the Gen 1 Rock Shox that I had on my Trek 930! 

Really, your spine and you are alot alike, right? As the day goes on, you need to stretch, snack, and “take a load off.” Movement does all of that for your discs. So, a big part of taking care of yourself is taking care of your spine. I like to tell folks, if your sine was on your face you would probably take better care of it!

Hey, you’re only as old as your spine! Today, start paying attention to how much you’re sitting, to your posture, and to how much you’re moving (or not!). Overdue for that next adjustment? Take 5 minutes for yourself and book a session. Is the disc compressed, herniated and your feeling it?  Book a FREE spinal decompression treatment, you will be glad you did!


And it matters Why?

No one has time for back pain or pain in general. Keeping your spine and the discs healthy is one of the best things you can do to reduce your risk of living with it daily or letting it eventually catch up to you. Research shows that movement-based care, getting adjusted, working out and being mobile can make all the difference in a healthy vs unhealthy spine thus body!



Next Steps

So, mind your posture and did we mention, move?! To get more specific, if you sit for long periods, try to change positions every 15-20 minutes. If you have to work at a computer for hours at a time and you have the option, bring in a standing desk and a exercise ball to rotate during your day .

Do whatever you can to squeeze more movement in to your day. Drink a lot of water, why? Its good for you to stay hydrated and plus you gotta get up and go to the bathroom😉 Remember, you’re only as old as your spine. Together, let’s take care of it!

Make time for your self-care.  Selfcare is not Selfish!!!! Be sure to have your next appointment scheduled and to like our social channels for helpful wellness tips and more! And if you have not yet been in, what are you waiting on? Call or book online and Get Er Done!!

- Curis Functional Health
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