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Something that Family First has become pretty well known for is our stance that more medications do not make you a healthier person.  Maybe at best you can manage some symptoms, or at times even change your physiology with drugs, BUT, that is a far cry from true health. 

We consume way more than half of ALL of the medication in the world right here in the United States, and yet we rank really low in overall health when compared to most other developed countries in the world.

I want you to understand why medications do not make you a healthier person. We all have what in chiropractic we refer to as an “innate intelligence.” Innate is our explanation for how you consciously control almost nothing when it comes to how your body is working at any given moment.

Your body’s innate intelligence is why you do not think about breathing most of the time, it is how a cut on your skin magically heals, how you digest dinner, grown muscle or add fat, it controls why you sweat, and it is how your hair grows. I think you get the idea.

Here is a classic example: Lets say a woman in her 60’s is told that she has high blood pressure…of course the medical protocol would be to put her on blood pressure medication. Typically the medication lowers her blood pressure as it is designed to do.  My question for you is…but is she healthier now?

The assumption that most people seem to make is that now she is now a healthier person because her blood pressure is lower. Her spouse and family all feel better because mom “caught her high blood pressure in time.” But, is she really healthier? Do stats show that she will live any longer? Actually, not so much.

Heart disease is still one of the leading, if not top, causes of death in the U.S.. You might think most of the folks that die each year from heart problems are not on blood pressure or cholesterol meds.  Guess what, most all of those people dying each year from heart disease are actually on those medications.

Here is our viewpoint…the lady in my example likely had high blood pressure because she was possibly no longer efficiently pumping the blood to all of the corners of her body as effectively as the tissues of her body needed.  Maybe her heart had weakened over the years so her heart pump was not as effective, or maybe she gained weight and so she has more distance to pump the blood throughout her body’s arteries. Either way, the innate intelligence of her body recognized that she needed higher pressure inside her system to get her blood to all of her corners that it needed to go.

The point is, the innate intelligence of her body raised her blood pressure to get the blood moving. Is she supposed to have the same 120/80 blood pressure that she had when she was a 21 year old woman with a stronger heart and several dozen fewer pounds on her frame? I do not think so. I contend that it is actually quite dangerous to artificially lower a person’s blood pressure on a long term basis. 

And what on earth does chiropractic have to do with this? Well, we are the guardian’s of your body’s main operating system, which is your central nervous system. This innate intelligence I speak of flows over your nervous system. 

When your nervous system is properly adapting your body to the stressors in your world, your body is simply healthier, it works better. The link between your body, your health, and your innate intelligence, is your central nervous system.I want full nerve supply without interference flowing to my heart and every other organ in my body-that is why I love Chiropractic!

- Curis Functional Health
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