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The real people who are a threat to your health are not just the pill-popping antibiotics consumers, but also:

• The psyched-out grandma on psychotropic drugs barreling down the road behind the wheel of a 1978 Buick. (Driving While Medicated…)

• The teen schoolboy who was diagnosed with depression and put on SSRI drugs that make him feel violently suicidal. • The pediatrician who wants to inject your child with chemotherapy to “prevent” cancer and insist he’s going to call CPS if you don’t let him poison your child.

• The drug addict pharmacist who, in between incorrectly filling your prescription with random deadly chemicals, snorts up his own private concoction of controlled substances in the back room.

• The oncologist who misdiagnosed you with breast cancer but wants to poison you with five rounds of chemotherapy “just to be sure.” (Oh yeah, I bet he never told you that he PROFITS from selling you the chemotherapy drugs that poison you…)

• The school bus driver with a heart condition who takes an extra dose of deadly statin drugs and suffers a fatal heart muscle breakdown while behind the wheel of a bus carrying 58 schoolchildren toward a railroad crossing.

These are the real threats to your safety… not a bunch of healthy people who deliberately refuse to be injected with hazardous vaccines. But of course the medical establishment doesn’t want you to be aware of any risks associated with using their products. All their drugs are perfectly safe! Perfectly effective! Perfectly priced! Perfectly profitable! There’s nothing wrong with them, by God, or the FDA would never have approved them, would they?

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Yes there is a time and place for medication but enough is enough. We have a real problem on our hands and people have forgotten with in sickness or in health to look to the inside for answers not the outside in the form of a pill or potion. Your body produces the RX it needs in the correct form and dosage so first look at why its not working properly. At FFC we believe in a more natural and organic approach to health and healing by truly allowing your body to heal and function the way it was designed.

- Curis Functional Health
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