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Most everyone I talk to these days are stressed out. We all have it. There are a jillion reasons why we are stressed. You know all of the things in your life that cause stress as well as I do.

When we talk with our patients, most people optimistically seem to think that if they just changed a few things around, stress in their lives could be reduced. Maybe work out more, change diet, lose weight, or pay down some bills, get on a better schedule, change jobs, or become more disciplined.

So…how are those things working out for you??

If you are like most everyone else, those strategies often fall short and here we are, still stressed to the max.  Stress causes us to age and look older. Stress causes us to gain weight when we sleep, creates wrinkles and grey hair, elevates blood pressure and increases cholesterol. Stress creates inflammation and pain!

What if you look at this differently? Instead of focusing so much on reducing the ever present stress from your life, what if you can significantly upgrade your body’s ability to better deal with stress?!

You can. That is the magic of the chiropractic adjustment!

We measure your brain function and response to how you deal with the stress of yours. We invest in the most cutting edge technology possible so we can deliver results that can quickly make your life better.

This is why our care is so unique. And as you know if you have ever been in our office, the adjustment just a few minutes so we are not adding stress to your life.

How much more productive would you be if stress did not cause you to be in such a fight or flight response all day?

This is the absolute best reason for chiropractic care. Our adjustments immediately start working in your body to reduce stress. Think of us as your personal stress buster.

I contend that stress will always be present in our lives. With technological changes happening faster than ever, there seems to be a correlation with our ever increasing stress levels. Instead of beating yourself up for not doing a better job of reducing stress, get your brain firing more often with adjustments to better cope.

- Curis Functional Health
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