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Working in the healthcare world gives me a deep appreciation of how fortunate those of us that enjoy great health have it. Walking outside on a beautiful day is a simple thing.  If you have lost your health, it is a priceless thing.

Please, do not fall into the mindset that believes health has more to do with luck or genes than your daily decisions. As much as the drug companies would love for you to believe a cure or perfect fix is just a pill away, no drug can substitute for proper exercise, healthy nerve supply, and eating wisely. Remember the  power that made the body heals the body but you need to help it not hinder it.

Harvard University published a study that looked at bankruptcy in the US. Their stats show that 62% of bankruptcies in the US were considered “Medical Bankruptcy.” This means that when something catastrophic happens to someone, BOOM, the expenses of medical care can be hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes millions. And for many, there is no turning back from there.

Here is what is scary… 75% of those people that filed for medical bankruptcy had health insurance! So these people who had to declare bankruptcy that had health insurance were supposed to be protected. The analysts concluded that unless we have extreme wealth, most of us are just one catastrophic event away from financial catastrophe.

So, why bring this up? Obviously, there are health issues related to accidents but, a quick CDC search shows over 90% of deaths are because of health issues, not accidents.

My point is simple, your health is your most valuable asset! The best form of health insurance is your day-to-day lifestyle choices. We have been taught health has a lot to do with bad genes, bad germs, or bad luck. I argue this is not the case. What you eat, do, absorb, and think, matters! It makes more since to me to be proactive and preventative because once the house in on FIRE it does no good to change the batteries in the SMOKE ALARM!!!!


And remember only 10% of the body perceives pain and dysfunction. So if you are basing your health on how you FEEL you are 90% WRONG!

- Curis Functional Health
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