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When someone says they “have sciatica” what they really have is a very specific set of symptoms hinting at something else ( the cause)… With sciatica, that’s typically a condition causing the compression of a nerve in your back, more specifically the biggest nerve in the body.

Think about it… The most common symptom of sciatica is a sharp pain that begins in your lower back and travels down through your hip (butt) and leg, usually on just one side of the body… That’s one side of your entire lower half!!!

The good news??? If you’ve been living with sciatic-type pain, you can get fantastic results with a chiropractic care.. If you have disc involvement then we can ad very specific SPINAL DECOMPRESSION to allow for the disc to rehydrate thus not buldging putting pressure on the SCIATIC nerve. In one recent study, researchers reported chiropractic care was more effective than other medical interventions….Why mask or treat the symptoms when WE can address the CAUSE!!!

Remember, pain is your body’s way of signaling something needs attention…(Kinda like the check engine light in your car) With sciatic symptoms, that may be a disc issue or a bone spur or a spinal subluxation. Whatever the root cause, we’re here to help—no meds or invasive action required… Never been?? Lets get you scheduled for a in depth exam, digital x-rays and thermography testing to determine if and how we can HELP You by addressing the CAUSE of your PAIN..

And check this out.. . Most people who’ve come to us seeking relief from sciatica pain feel significant improvement in the first few weeks of care… So, if you’ve been living with sciatica pain, book in for care so we can help!!!!

Till next time, stay healthy my friends..

- Curis Functional Health
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