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Getting to the Bottom of Neck and Upper Back Pain


Chronic neck and upper back pain are super common! It is no surprise, because most of us spend so much time at a desk or computer when we are designed to be mobile and upright for most of our day! Neck pain that involves muscles can be super frustrating because it is hard to pinpoint the cause. Most people try to alleviate muscle issues by addressing the muscles itself with things like massage, heat, ice…which makes sense!

But did you know that the problem can actually be with your nerves?! Nerves are actually the part of your body that perceive pain and send pain signals to your brain!

The delicate nerves that exit on each side of the vertebrae in your spine travel to the surrounding tissues to tell your body exactly what to do and how to do it

Nerves can be the cause of neck and upper back pain

Nerves are in charge of carrying messages back and forth between your brain and your body.

When your spine is misaligned, it stresses and distorts this communication causing muscles to have a change in muscle tone which can lead to:

+ Tight muscles

+ Trigger points

+ Pain & Inflammation

+ Weak muscles that do not support good posture

So, you can see how even though the pain is in your muscles, how the cause can be somewhere else!

We see this problem of neck and upper back pain in our office so much, and as chiropractors, we help patients address the underlying issues that are causing all these things! We also have therapists in our office that are skilled at myofascial and trigger point release. Coupling chiropractic care (and getting to the root of the cause) with specific muscle work is really a great pair to get you pain free and back to doing what you want to do!

Ready to get to the bottom of what’s going on? Give us a call to schedule your appointment!

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