Kevin Munn

Licensed Massage Therapist in Dripping Springs, TX

Hi, my name is Kevin Munn and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. I attended and graduated from the 500 hour program at A New Beginning School of Massage in Austin, Texas. With the belief that I should always be growing my knowledge to better assist my clients, I have also attended and completed numerous continuing education classes. I am very passionate about being a massage therapist. Being able to help someone feel better is a true gift from God that should not be taken lightly. Taking the time and truly listening to my clients is a major factor in their healing process. Assisting clients in finding relaxation, less to no pain, wider range of motion, better posture and physically an overall better quality of life, is such a gratifying feeling and a true blessing.

I specialize in helping people reduce and in a lot of cases even overcome pain and start enjoying the freedom of having pain free mobility using different modalities of massage, stretching, and bodywork.

I am not claiming to be a doctor and I do not give medical diagnosis. As a licensed massage therapist, I will work on your body and do what I feel is appropriate within my field of expertise. My goal is to assist people with finding greater range of motion, increased flexibility, and less pain in their bodies so that they can continue doing the activities they love. Because my goal is to help people, I am always honest with my clients and if I feel that someone in a different field would be a better match for their situation, I will help them find that professional

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