Sleep Apnea Testing

Sleep Cycle Center was formed in the Austin area two years ago by Dr. Chad Denman. Dr. Chad lost his father seven years ago, at the young age of 60, due to undiagnosed heart issues brought on by untreated sleep apnea over his lifetime. Since the loss of his father, the company has been in the brainstorming and implementation phase over the past 7 years. Its’ what pushed Dr. Chad to open his doors in 2016. Building on the success of that first office, a new location was opened in Dripping Springs in the summer of 2018. The companies main purpose is to prevent poor health, as well as premature death, from this very treatable disease.

We have joined with several medical doctors, chiropractors, and dentists that have this same preventative mind set. Sleep Cycle Center provides our community with the tools it needs to educate, screen, and test for sleep apnea. The education component teaches the patients ways to lesson their chances of getting sleep apnea. We also explain how important it is for them, their family and friends to be screened, tested, and treated. Treatment options are discussed and referrals are made out for treatment.