Your Feet Are The Foundation For Your Body – Take Care Of Them

At Family First Chiropractic Wellness we are getting to the ‘bottom’ of this ‘lack of movement mess’.

We believe STRONG, ACTIVE feet are the foundation for a strong, active body.

We will be beside you and ‘beneath’ you on your battle against inactivity. MojoFeet products are engineered to support movement in a modern world, we are here to support you on your journey to a STRONG foundation for your body. We hope one day, you won’t need us anymore ‘beneath’ you.

It’s not happy people that are active, it is active people that are happy.

It’s time for change. It’s your turn.

Today is a gift. Get Moving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs orthotics?

At MojoFeet we believe the basis for foot health is to have STRONG, MOBILE feet that are supported well when they are spending time on man made surfaces. Many people will ‘NEED’ orthotics when their pain with standing or walking is impeding their ability to stay active. Many people will BENEFIT from orthotics, to prevent that pain from ever occurring. Your MojoPro Healthcare provider will best be able to assess how you move and how your foot strength and mobility is affecting your overall health.

Won’t my feet get weak wearing orthotics?

No, because you wont’ let them get weak. They get weak when we stuff them in shoes all day hidden under your desk. There are many exercises you can do to strengthen your feet and improve their mobility. Strong feet are healthy feet, supporting your feet with orthotics is only one component to improving your foot health.

Will I need orthotics forever?

Maybe yes, maybe no. We hope not. The trick in this question is the word ‘need’. We believe that when you spend time on man made surfaces some of you will ‘need’ orthotics and many of you will ‘benefit’ from Mojo orthotics. We hope with your foot strengthening practice in place, you quickly transition from needing orthotics, to benefiting from orthotics throughout your day. Did we answer the question? Maybe.

What is the difference between foot strengthening and barefoot running?

Our_Mission-HOR-Mojo-1024x731Foot strengthening is simple – take off your shoes – wiggle your toes, balance, challenge your self while strengthening your feet naked. Just your feet need to be naked. You can do simple foot strengthening exercises all throughout the day – you just need to get in the habit of kicking off those shoes, feeling the grass in your toes and taking more beach vacations.

Barefoot Running is more complicated and requires a base line level of foot strength and health to advance to this running style. We recommend you work with a barefoot running coach to help you transition to a minimalist approach to running, many time this will require you to learn a new way to contact the ground with your foot.

At MojoFeet, we want you to have the strongest feet possible. If that means you do so well with your ‘foot health’ journey that you no longer need our orthotics, we are happy. Our mission is to inspire health through movement.

How long a day should I wear them?

MojoFeet orthotics should be worn during your daily activities of work and play on hard surfaces. Do you see the theme? Hard surfaces – keep your mojo in your shoes. Playing in the grass – let your bare feet do the work.

Will they fit in all my shoes?

Maybe. We recommend you look at our shoe recommendation list available from your MojoPro Healthcare provider.

How long will they last?

MojoFeet customs – will last a year and could last 5 years. They are manufactured based on the impact you put through them everyday which is mainly dependent on your activity level and body weight.

MojoFeet Prefabs – will last as long as typical running shoes – 3-6 months or every 400 or so miles.

What if they don’t get rid of my pain?

The pain we experience is a complicated process. Your foot health is one component to helping you get on the right path to living a pain-free life. Remember to work on your foot strengthening every day, multiple times a day and consult with your MojoPro healthcare provider about other areas of your healthcare program that may be contributing to the pain you are experiencing.

- Curis Functional Health
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